Awards & Recognition

Virtual Ark has been named a Gartner 2011 Cool Vendor for Infrastructure Services.
Each year, Gartner identifies a Cool Vendor as a company that offers technologies or solutions that are:
Innovative - Enabling users to do things they couldn't do before.
Impactful - Have, or will have, business impact (not just technology for the sake of technology)
Intriguing - Have caught our interest or curiosity in approximately the past six months.

Did You Know?

There is more to running apps on the cloud than infrastructure alone
Cloud providers do an incredible job of providing unlimited scalable infrastructure sold on a utility model and with tremendous flexibility.

Infrastructure alone is only part of the solution. The challenge is migrating your enterprise applications to the cloud and then instrumenting the necessary services and technologies to ensure the application runs as it should.

Despite the numerous benefits of cloud computing, there is a huge gap between the cloud infrastructure and .. read more

Welcome to Virtual Ark

Virtual Ark receives grant from Commercialisation Australia 2011

Virtual Ark was selected by the Australian Government to receive a Commercialisation Australia grant in 2011. This initiative is a competitive, merit-based assistance program offering funding and resources to accelerate the business building process for Australian companies, entrepreneurs, researchers and inventors. It offers a range of funding options as well as multi-layered networking opportunities to help achieve business success. In Virtual Ark's case the grant assisted in the development of some of the more advanced features of our Application Management Platform.

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