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Why Virtual Ark?

“Supporting company founders to bring their innovative ideas to market”

What We Do

What We Do

We help. We help innovators, inventors and company founders with everything that is needed for them to launch their ideas successfully.

We’ve worked with many organisations in Australia, USA, UK, Switzerland, UAE, Malaysia and Hong Kong – with more coming! Industries that we cover range from software, apps and services through to medical devices, mobile devices, and IT security.

Our story started in 2009 when Virtual Ark was created to help our customers innovate in the emerging world of cloud computing, mobile computing and app development, deployment and management. Since then we have assisted a range of clients globally by focusing on the solutions to their problems and through our bread and butter work of business strategy and product development.


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We can help end to end within the following areas:

  • Corporate Strategy and planning

  • Product development

  • Research and Development strategy including IP

  • Financial modelling

  • Market entry, pricing strategy and channels to market

  • All elements of digital and technological development

  • Fundraising including equity, mezzanine finance and grants 




Get in touch!

To see how we can help you idea come to life contact Marty Gauvin on:

0418 843 550

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